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A miracle according to Thomas Aquinas: An argument for God.
A miracle is an event that happens by divine power beyond the order commonly
observed in nature.
There are three categories according to Aquinas:
1. Something done by God that nature can not do. E.g. the sun standing

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Maurice Wiles: Against God
For miracles to occur they must be very rare, otherwise the laws of nature
would not apply, therefore life would not be a possibility.
If God does these rare events of miracles, then why does he not help people
when it is more necessary? This is…

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Why have only 70 miracles been declared as being cured at Lourdes done by
God whereas there are millions of people dying everyday?
How can benevolent God a put bias towards another if he treats people fairly?

The Bible, God and miracles:
In Joshua 10, God is described as throwing…

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o `Miracles are received as a sign event in an ecstatic experience'. It
reveals God to people and it is this revelation which causes ecstatic
overwhelming experiences for the recipient.
o However:
There is no real way to prove that a person has experienced a
miracle or revelation, rather it…

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Definition of religious experience
Direct religious experience: refers to the events to where God reveals
her/himself directly to the person that is having the experience. The person
therefore does not choose to have the experience the person experiences or
observes god in some way.
Indirect religious experience: Experiences, thoughts or…

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Mystical experiences are ones that religious experience when God reveals
himself directly and the person receiving the experience is passive.
The voice of God usually communicates a message to people, e.g. God's voice
using to reveal Samuel as a prophet.
The features of God revealing himself to others are quite…

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James suggested that the only possible sign that religious experiences are from
God is a `good disposition' that is a result of the experience. The voice is only
to reveal something or to do good, never to do anything bad.
Mystical experiences only have authority and meaning to the person…

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2. Through an unusual public object, e.g. the Resurrection of Christ.
3. Through private sensations describable using normal language, e.g. a dream.
4. Through private sensations not describable using normal language, e.g. a
mystical experience.
5. Through experiencing no sensation at all, nothing appears to make the person
conclude that…

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o Religion has sometimes been forced to change in
o Religion has a great source of strength, hop and
o Marx's ideas tend to being suffering rather than hope.
o Lack of evidence for his claims of drugs etc.
o There can often be conflicting claims about religions.


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