Table explaining the functions of calcium and iron, their sources and possible diseases from a deficiency of them

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Mineral Function Sources Deficiencies
1) It combines with phosphorus to make Calcium is found in good supply in: Children Bones and teeth are not properly
calcium phosphate, which gives hardness Milk formed. The leg bones may bend as in rickets.
and strength to bones and teeth. Cheese Adults Strength of bones and teeth is not
2) Required for part of the complex mechanism Bread (added to white flour by law) maintained, possibly resulting in osteomalacia.
that causes blood to clot after injury. Bones of canned fish Muscles and nerves do not function correctly
3) Required for the correct functioning of Hard water
muscles and nerves.
4) Required for the maintenance of bones and It is also found in green vegetables and
teeth once formed. whole grain cereals but may not be
available to the body
1) Iron is a component of haemoglobin which Good sources Effect of deficiencies:
gives red blood cells their colour. Liver, kidney, corned beef, cocoa, plain Haemoglobin is not made properly, so
2) Haemoglobin is required to transport oxygen chocolate, watercress insufficient oxygen is carried around the body.
around the body for the production of energy Reasonable sources This leads to fatigue, weakness & a pale
and the maintenance of all cell functions. White bread, curry powder, treacle, dried complexion. In severe cases this leads to
fruit, pulses, wholegrain cereals, green anaemia.
leafy vegetables. This is more common in teenagers especially
girls due to menstruation.
General health is affected as cells cannot
function properly.


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