Mind Map for People in Business (AS Unit 2)

Simple mind map detailing the very basics of human resources that you need to know for Unit 2, based on the AQA syllabus. Hope this helps :)

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Measuring the Effectiveness of the Workforce
Labour productivity- Output Per Period/ Average Number of Employees.
Labour Turnover- Number of Staff Leaving/ Average Number of Employees.
Absenteeism- Number of Staff Days Lost/ Number of Working Days x 100.
Improving Organisational Structures
Key Elements of organisational structures- levels of hierarchy, workloads, delegation and communication flows.
Workforce Roles- supervisor, team leader, manager and director.
Recruitment, Selection and Training

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The Recruitment Process- Identify Vacancy, Write Person Specification and Job Description, Advertise Job, Process
Applications, Shortlist Most Suitable Candidates, interview and Appoint.
External Recruitment: Advantages- fresh new ideas, experience, wider range of people. Disadvantages- don't know the
applicant, long and expensive process and longer induction process.
Internal Recruitment: Advantages- know the applicants, applicants know the business, shorter and less expensive and
motivates workers. Disadvantages- less people, creates another vacancy and can cause resentment between unsuccessful
Selection: interviews, assessment centres and tests.…read more

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Theories of Motivation- Taylor (money), Maslow (Hierarchy of Needs), Mayo (pay attention to workers) Herzberg
(Hygiene and Motivating Factors).…read more


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