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Measuring the Effectiveness of the Workforce
Labour productivity- Output Per Period/ Average Number of Employees.

Labour Turnover- Number of Staff Leaving/ Average Number of Employees.

Absenteeism- Number of Staff Days Lost/ Number of Working Days x 100.
Improving Organisational Structures
Key Elements of organisational structures- levels of hierarchy, workloads, delegation…

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The Recruitment Process- Identify Vacancy, Write Person Specification and Job Description, Advertise Job, Process
Applications, Shortlist Most Suitable Candidates, interview and Appoint.

External Recruitment: Advantages- fresh new ideas, experience, wider range of people. Disadvantages- don't know the
applicant, long and expensive process and longer induction process.

Internal Recruitment: Advantages- know…

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Theories of Motivation- Taylor (money), Maslow (Hierarchy of Needs), Mayo (pay attention to workers) Herzberg
(Hygiene and Motivating Factors).


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