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this is a quick powerpoint about millicent fawcett and her life

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Fawcett Duha Alkhuzaiee 11C…read more

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"What he has done for women is
final: he gave to their service
the best powers of his mind and
the best years of his life. His
death consecrates the gift: it
can never lessen its value."
-- Millicent Fawcett…read more

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l y Li fe
rE ar
He…read more

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Born: 11 June Death: 5 August
1847 1929
Place of origin:
Husband: Henry Child: Philippa
Fawcett Fawcett…read more

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Millicent Fawcett spent much of her time
assisting Henry Fawcett in his work as a MP.
However, Henry, an ardent supporter of
women's rights, encouraged Millicent to
continue her own career as a writer. At first
Millicent wrote articles for journals but
later books such as Political Economy for
Beginners and Essays and Lectures on
political subjects were published.…read more

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Millicent Fawcett joined the London suffrage
committee in 1868. Although only a moderate public
speaker, Millicent was a superb organiser and eventually
emerged as the one of the leaders of the suffrage
movement. She was so nervous before a speech that
she was often physically ill. As a result she refused to
make speeches more than four times a week.…read more

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