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Furqaan Mirza ­ Conscientious Objector

How Does Millay Use Personification of Death To Convey Her
Views On War? 23.04.12

In the poem Conscientious Objector, Death is shown in a number of ways. In some
aspects he is shown as a horseman and in other places he is shown as a…

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Furqaan Mirza ­ Conscientious Objector

Death and she sees it as actually helping Death to end people's lives. What it also shows
is that Death is dependent, for instance if he was powerful he could act by himself, but
instead he needs someone to help him. Millay is telling people…

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Furqaan Mirza ­ Conscientious Objector

The next line says "Though he promises me much." This shows death as being a
persuasive being. It could also show Death as a liar as it doesn't say if Death backs up
his promises. It also shows death as being weak. He cannot physically…


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