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Milgrims Study

Before he did the experiment he asked psychiatrists, college
students and colleagues to predict the results. They predicted
that nearly all participants would refuse to obey, a very few would
go beyond 150 volts, and only 4% to reach 300 volts. Only about
1 in 1000 were…

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3. When paired with allies, participants had used the defiance of
their peers as an opportunity to extricate themselves from causing
further harm to the victim.

Three studies of obedience:
1. Hofling (1966) ­ Conducted a study in a hospital. Nurses were
telephoned by a `Dr Smith' who asked that…

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Post experimental interviews proved that, during the study, the
vast majority had believed they were giving real shocks and that
the victim's distress was likewise real.

Right to Withdraw:
The prods form the experimenter made giving the participant
the right to withdraw when they wanted to very difficult for


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