Milgram's study

A really imporatant and a study that I found intresting, knuckle down and start revising for this in advance.


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PROCEDURE Making it seem real ­
1. The learner was located in the anteroom, where he could not
be seen by the experimenter or the teacher.
2. The teacher was told that the learner had to learn word
Word pairs included e.g fat: box, sky, neck or red.
The learner had to make a pair, by choosing 1 from 4.
3. The teacher was told that learner would indicate the correct
word by pressing on 1 of 4 switches. = Which lit up on the
electric shock generator.
4. If wrong answer was given, the teacher was told to give the
subject an electric shock.
By flicking on a swith on the electric shock generator.
Teacher was told for every wrong answer go up a volt.
5. The teacher received a test shock of 45 volts, switch 3.
6. Standardised feedback through an answer box was given.
On the 350 volt the learner pounded on the wall.
7. After this point the teacher found that when he continued
the task he received no more answers, nor heard any more
pounding, leaving him to assume that the learner was
unconscious, or dead.
8. When the teacher protested he did not want to continue if
learner might be hurt, the experimenter instructed to carry
9. He used 4 verbal prods to pressurise the subject to continue
with the experiment.
10. If the subject disobeyed all 4 prods the experiment was
ended. The 4 prods included:
1. Prod 1 - "Please continue / Please go on"
2. Prod 2 - "The experiemnt requires that you continue"
3. Prod 3 - "I is absolutely essential that you continue"
4. Prod 4 - "You have no other choice, you must go on"
11. At the end of the experiment the teacher was reunited with
learner, assured that no shocks had been given.

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PROCEDURE Making it seem real ­
12. Thoroughly debriefed about the true nature and purpose of
13. Interviewed by Milgrim using:
Open ended questions
Projective Measures
(tests that intended to predict the whether the experience
result in any possible long term consequences)
Attitude scales
(to ensure as far as possible that the subject left the
in a state of well being)
Making it seem real - EXPERIMENTAL REALISM
o The subjects were introduced to the learner.…read more

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PROCEDURE Making it seem real ­
really plugged into the supplies.
o Therefore the teacher believed the learner was receiving
actual shocks.…read more


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