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(Study of Obedience)

Aims and Context ­

Social psychology refers too our interactions with others and how our behaviour is
affected by individuals and groups. Obedience is a type of social influence that
causes a person to act in response to a direct order from an authority figure. Milgram…

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(Study of Obedience)

Procedure ­

Milgram's study took place at Yale University, because it was prestigious and he
believed that it added authority to the situation. The participants consisted of 40
males aged 20 to 50, whose jobs ranged from unskilled labourers to teachers
and engineers. They were recruited…

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The participants were only considered obedient if they continued up to the full
450 volts. The participants were then debriefed and reunited with the learner
before being interviewed about their experience.

(Study of Obedience)

Findings and Conclusions ­

Prior to the study Milgram surveyed 14 Yale psychology students, who…

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(Study of Obedience)

Methodology ­

Milgram conducted his research in a lab environment, an advantage of this is
that it could be considered that the results were more reliable because the study
followed a standardised procedure, meaning that it would be easy to replicate as
shown by later studies,…


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