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Milgram (1963)


The aim of the experiment was to investigate what level of obedience participants would show when an
authority figure told them to administer electric shocks to another person.

Information on the Experiment

It was a self-selecting sample.

The type of experiment was a controlled observation.

Independent measure…

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Standard prods given by experimenter
Full debrief and friendly reconciliation with leaner

Independent Variable

Dependent Variable


All subjects obeyed up to the 300 volt level
Five refused after 300 volt level
Four refused after 315 volt level
Two refused after 330 volt level
One refused at 345, 360, 375…

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He concludes that obedience can be elicited form any individual given the right situational
He also concludes that the extreme tension showed by the participants was due to the conflict
between the desire not to hurt another person and the tendency to obey those in authority.


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