Milankovitch cycles

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Milankovitch Cycles
Eccentricity is the change in the orbit of the
Earth around the Sun. The more elliptical the
orbit the more extreame the seasons are,
which effects the temperature of the planet
(cold winters and hot summers) which is good
for the planet because in the summer the sun
needs to melt the ice that has formed in the
winter. In a circular orbit with less extreme
seasons, there will be consistent solar
radiation throughout the year and this will
allow glaciation to become a more important
Obliquity is the variation of the Earth's angle
on its vertical axis. The greater the angle of tilt
the greater difference there is between
summer and winter. when the tilt of the Earth
is at its shallowest, there will be a smaller
difference between the intensity of the solar
radiation received at higher latitudes during
summer compared to winter. As a result this will
make the climate colder.
Precession is the variation in the Earth to Sun distance and the
way in which the Earth wobbles on its axis. The greater the
wobble to more solar radiation the earth receives and therefore
warmer summers and colder winters.


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