Migration Case Study - Turkey to West Germany

Migration case study describing why Turks moved to West Germany in the 70's and early 80's and the advantages and disadvantages for the host and Turkey. 

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Migration started from Turkey to West Germany just after WWII when Germany was destroyed,
Turks were looking for jobs and went to help rebuild Germany. As Germany grew in wealth it
attracted workers from Southern Europe and the Middle East as there were too many people for the
number of jobs available in Turkey with very low salaries. Many Turks were used to agricultural jobs
and they found them in Germany then later went to work in the factories however the wages and
hours were very poor.
There was a recession in Europe in the 1980's which meant industry wasn't needed and jobs were
scarce so West Germany imposed a ban on foreign workers, Turks were given money to return home
so German jobs could be provided for German workers.
4.5 million of the workers in Germany were migrants, 29% being Turkish.
Advantages for Turkey:
Creates cultural links
Reduced pressure on resources
Migrants develop new skills which they can take back home
Money earned in Germany is sent home
Advantages for Germany:
Creates cultural links
Overcomes labour shortage
Turks are prepared to do unskilled work
Turks work for low wages
Brings in some high skilled people
Disadvantages for Turkey:
Turkey left with elderly population
Language problems
Turkey loses people with some education and skills
Mainly males leave, causing a division of families
Loses people in the economically active group
Decline in Birth rate
Disadvantages for Germany:
Money earned in Germany by Turks is sent back to Turkey
Language problems
Ethnic groups tend not to mix/racial tension
Creates pressure on some jobs
Inner city slums may develop
Limited skills or educated people may enter country


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