Migration Case Study - Mexico to USA

Push and Pull factors in this Migration, Advantages and Disadvantages for both countries and Management

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Push factors:
Bad quality housing
Bad sewage, waste and poor sanitation
Little access to health care
Not many services/facilities
No soil for farming
Dirty, Unsafe
Low paid jobs and very few of them
Pull factors:
Nice climate and environment
Better services/facilities
Clean, safe
More leisure activities
More job opportunities and more skilled jobs
American dream
Stable government
Better education
Few people migrating from Central America and Panama to the USA but around 4,000,000 people
per year migrate from Mexico to the USA.
Positives for America:
Lots of young adults, more taxes
More consumers, increasing demands for goods and boosting economy
Immigrants take jobs Americans find unattractive like construction work or labouring on a
Positives for Mexico:
Migrants send back money to Mexico which can be invested in their economy
Negatives for America:
Immigrants have larger families therefore more demand on facilities on services
Poorly educated and unskilled migrants
Immigrants take jobs
Sex ratios are unbalanced by migration as generally more males migrate to find work

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Overall the migration is positive for the host (America) as the Mexican migrants contribute to society
by paying taxes and working in the unskilled jobs in the secondary and primary job sectors. The
Mexican migrants also gain a higher standard of living, better health care and education.…read more


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