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Migration…read more

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O Movement of people from one country to another
O Migrant is the person that moves country
O Types of migrant:
Illegal migrant
Legal migrant
Economic migrant
Involuntary migrant
Asylum seeker/refugee
Rural-urban migration…read more

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Push and Pull Factors…read more

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Push and Pull Factors
Push Factors Pull Factors
Poverty Border control Better quality of life
War Transport Job opportunities
Lack of jobs Money Family
Political unrest Knowledge Education
Persecution Communications Welfare services
Discrimination Wages
Unemployment…read more

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Migrating from and to
O Within Europe the majority of migration is from Poland
to the UK
O Migration is also from Germany and Spain to the UK
O Immigrants from the UK often migrate to Spain and
O With regard to migration to and from European
countries, the majority of migration from the UK is to
Australia, New Zealand and the USA
O The majority of migration to the UK from countries
outside of Europe is from India, South Africa, Australia,
China, New Zealand, Pakistan and the USA…read more

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Impact on Host Nations
O Fill gaps in their labour markets
O Attract the brightest and best foreign workers
O Attract lower- or intermediate-skilled migrants where it
proves difficult to fill job vacancies
O Balance the UK's own ageing population…read more

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Mr A Gibson


Focusing on migration and the generic impacts on hosts/recievers this is a decent set of slides that you could print off (the text is large enough) as smaller revision cards.

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