Microsoft Access revision notes for IGCSE ICT

All the codes and tips needed for your exams.

(I made this for myself so I left the things that I knew by heart out)

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Microsoft Access Revision Notes
Code What It does
*D Finds words that end in D
D* Finds words that start with D
*D* Finds words that have D in them
"????" Finds words with only 4 letters (there are 4
question marks)
50 Finds the number 50
< 50 Finds numbers which are less than 50
> 50 Finds Numbers which are more than 50
<= 50 Will find data which is less than or equal to 50
Not 50 Will find data which is not 50
"Potato" Finds data which is "Potato"
"Potato" or "Carrot" Filters data which is either "Potato" or "Carrot"
"Potato" and "Carrot" Finds data which is "Potato" and "carrot"
Null Finds fields with no data in them
* Finds fields with any data in them
Between 10 and 20 Will find data between 10 and 20
Typing a date in the date fields Finds the same date
Typing a yes/no in the Boolean field Finds the yes/no
Note: * means anything
When making a total in a query like a count of number of sales per company you need to do several
1. Press this button
2. You need one group by field (in this case the company)
3. In the sales field select count
Now it shall COUNT the number of sales made by each company.
Sorting data in order:
This can be done in the query simply click on the dropdown menu and select the proper sorting order
(ascending or descending).
Note: Access reads this data from left to right so have the first field you want to sort on the left
hand side of the other.
Your name, candidate number and centre number go in the page footer, and not inside the textbox
for the date/page number but inside a new label (Aa)

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Any totals that may be needed go in the report footer this total will only appear on the last page of
the report, to make a sum insert a new textbox (ab|).then type in the TEXTBOX: =sum (field name)
and in the label write "grand total" or what other flim flabbery you are required to write.…read more


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