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· Yoghurt
· Beer
· Bio-Fuels
· Fermenters
· Biogenesis…read more

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· Milk is boiled to kill bacteria.
· Milk is cooled (30°C)
· Yoghurt making bacteria added (starter culture).
· Milk contains the sugar Lactose.
· Lactose Lactic Acid + Energy
· Lactic acid converts soluble proteins into solid
· Acidity preserves the yoghurt (reduces growth of
bacteria).…read more

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· Barley Grains: Contains starch, to
· Malting - seeds are germinated, enzymes
in the seed digest starch Glucose.
· Fermentation: Add brewer's yeast that
turns the glucose into alcohol.
· Glucose Ethanol + Carbon Dioxide
· Hops: Flower that is added to give flavour.…read more

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· Anaerobic bacteria which ferment organic
waste in Methane and Carbon Dioxide.
· Advantages
· Uses waste materials.
· Produces fuel fertiliser.
· Low start up cost.
· Doesn't require high technology.…read more

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· Yeast ferments waste products from the sugar
· Glucose Ethanol + Carbon dioxide
· Ethanol is removed by distillation.
· Advantages
· Low tech.
· Cheap to set up.
· Ethanol is mixed with gasohol.
· Ethanol : Petrol
10% 90%…read more

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