Mexico to USA Case Study

Case Study of international migration form Mexico to USA

Push factors, Pull factors, Effects and Prevention

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International Migration
Mexico to USA
There is a 2000km border between the
USA and Mexico
Over one million Mexicans migrate to
the USA each year
o Most jobs are low paid; GDP per capita is only $13,800
o Only 55% of people are in full time employment
o And 40% of people are unemployed
o There are problems with providing enough food for everyone in Mexico
El Nino bringing flooding and droughts which also makes it hard to earn a
living or grow produce
Much of the land is considered to poor for agriculture
There isn't enough land to grow the needed amount of food
Living Conditions
o Living conditions are poor and there is lots of over crowding
o 80% of people have no clean water supply
o Poor education prospects - about 50% of children in rural areas have left school
by the age of 11 and most are unable to read and write.
o Only 54% of children reach secondary school.
o Adult literacy percentage is only 55%
Health Care
o There are poor medical facilities
o 1800 patients per doctor
More jobs in a variety of fields with considerably better pay; GDP per capita is
With literacy rates of 99% there is much better education prospects
There is better housing and good infrastructure with all amenities and a more
glamorous way of life e.g technology
Much better medical facilities with only 400 patients per doctor
The problems this mass migration has on Mexico:
o The Mexican countryside has a shortage of economically active people
o Many men emigrate leaving a majority of women who have trouble finding
marriage partners
o Young people tend to migrate leaving the old and the very young
o Legal + illegal immigrants together send $6bn each year back to Mexico
o Certain villages such as Santa Ines have lost 2/3 of their inhabitants.

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And the USA:
o Illegal migration costs the USA millions of dollars for border patrols + prisons
o Mexicans are seen as a drain on the USA economy
o Migrant workers keep wages low which affects Americans
o They cause problems in cities due to cultural and racial issues
o Mexican migrants benefit the US economy by working for low wages however
many end up working in the informal sector (illegal jobs)
o Mexican culture has enriched the US border states with food, language and…read more


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