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Methods Of Training…read more

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Fartlek Training
Speed training
involves speed and
the type of terrain
over which you
run, walk, cycle or
ski. It can improve
aerobic and
anaerobic fitness.…read more

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Circuit Training
Performing in a series
of exercises in a order
called a circuit. Each
activity takes place at a
station. It can be
designed to improve
speed, agility,
coordination, balance
and muscular
endurance.…read more

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Continuous training
Continuous training
is working for a
sustained period of
time without rest. It
improves cardio-
vascular fitness.…read more

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Cross Training
It is using another
sport or activity to
improve your fitness. It
is when an athlete
trains in a different
environment. For
example a volleyball
player uses the power
training for that sport
to help with fitness for
long jump.…read more

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Weight training
Uses weights to
provide resistance
to the muscles. It
improves muscular
strength and power.…read more

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