methods of sustainability

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Methods of sustainability
Increase supply Reduce demand
New technologies Switch off street lights in areas where
they aren't needed for certain amounts
of time
Financial support- make renewable Less dependence on fossil fuels
more attractive to investment
Find more fossil fuels- sustainable as it Housing regulations- building design
keeps prices low, unsustainable as it
produces carbon emissions leading to
climate change, air pollution
Turn to alternative sources such as Technology- energy efficient
renewable- sustainable as the resources consumables, transport-smaller,
are infinite, unsustainable- expensive in efficient cars, houses- light bulbs,
short term, physical imitations (not double glazing, insulation, architecture
everywhere has provisions for solar
Nuclear power- sustainable as its Individuals- environmental idealism-
efficient, technology already exists, switch off lights, use public transport,
abundance of uranium. Unsustainable purchase local food
as of high cost of building new nuclear
power stations, health problems due to
leaking radiation, nuclear disasters
Governments-invest in public transport,
incentives- cheaper road tax for more
efficient cars, impose building


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