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Methods in context
Domestic Violence:

It mainly takes place in private making it difficult to study (few opportunities for observation
and interview data is difficult to conduct)
Official statistics represent a huge dark figure of crime, as do victimisation studies. (Dobash
and Dobash found that out of 32,000 assaults only…

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Many delinquent youths have lower literacy, communication and understanding skills, as
many underachieve at schools. They may unable to answer questionnaires.
Their underachievement may encourage hostility to authority figures that they transfer
to the researcher.
Members of youth subcultures may use street slang making communication difficult (may
have to learn…

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Often time consuming and doesn't reveal much simply a series of legal squabbles.
The power and status of the legal profession may make lawyer unwilling to be
Large amounts of public data readily available.


Prisons are generally among the most closed and controlled social settings,
particularly those who…


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