Methods for reducing inequality in the UK

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Methods for reducing inequality in the UK
Taxation and subsidies
Progressive tax system
National insurance to pay for healthcare
VAT at 20%- essential except from VAT so poorest people are able to buy
things they need for less
Working taxes for lower paid jobs
Child benefits and subsidies
+subsidies help improve living conditions of the poor and reduce deprivation
+taxation creates revenue to benefit the poor, through subsidies
+redistributes wealth
+means tested
-can't eliminate poverty
-can take large amounts out of people's wages
-child benefits don't help to cover the entire cost
Local planning
Council funded investment such as improving housing quality, transport,
business opportunities
+benefits individuals as it operates on a local level
+creates jobs
+local needs are better understood
-new housing isn't affordable as it will reflect the value of the surrounding
area, not what is needed
Regional planning
EU convergence funds deprived ares e.g. cattle market Helston, Exeter
university, Tremough campus to raise education aspirations and employment
+targets areas that are most deprived and in need of improvements
+attracts businesses/industrial development
-very costly

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Sex discrimination act- employ regardless of gender
Car insurance- women have same rates as men
Maternity/paternity leave
Illegal to be racist towards people
Disability usage- modifications
+help protect people from discrimination at work
+makes fairer situations for men and women
-laws can be hard to enforce
-can't force people to change their opinions
-not going to see a instant impact-long term strategy
Free education for all-compulsory for all until age 18
Compulsory to have a C in English and maths
Cheaper travel expenses…read more


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