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Criminal Psychology
Unit 3- Edexcel…read more

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Lab Experiments
· Used to examine witness effectiveness.
· Used to look for a cause and effect
· Artificial environment which aims to control
every variable possible. IV is manipulated
to see the effect on the DV.
· Test a hypothesis generated from a
theory.…read more

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Lab Experiments
· Used to test many aspects:
· Misinformation
· Leading Questions
· Weapon Focus
· Reconstructive memory
· Post Event Information
· Distraction…read more

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· Loftus and Palmer 1974- use of video in a
lab, to test eye witnesses response to
leading questions.
· Pickel 1988- use of video in a lab, to test
eye witnesses response to weapon focus.…read more

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· Reliability: Replicable due to strong controls.
They are clearly detailed, someone can repeat
them exactly. If results use scientific
methodology, they tend to be reliable.
· Validity: Not usually valid. The environment is
artificial lacking in ecological validity. Use of
elements like video do not provoke a valid
response in terms of how a real eye witness
would respond.…read more

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Field Experiments
· Based in real life situations.
· The IV and DV are still manipulated and
as many variables are controlled as
possible. Therefore, it will still aim to find a
cause and effect relationship.…read more

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