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Metals can be extracted using 4 main methods:
Reduction with carbon
Reduction with a more reactive metal
Reacting with hydrogen

Metals are naturally found as ores. Ores are rocks with enough of a metal content to make
them economical to extract. Many ores are metal oxides or metal sulfides.…

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Tungsten carbide is deliberately manufactured sometimes because it is extremely hard,
but you can't extract pure tungsten from it.
Aluminium is too reactive to be extracted with carbon.

Aluminium is extracted from its main ore bauxite (Al2O3) by electrolysis. Bauxite is
purified to make aluminium oxide.
Dissolved in…

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It can be expensive to produce (electrolysis of salt solutions byproducts can be sold to
other industries)

Environmental and economical advantages and disadvantages of recycling scrap metals
instead of extract more:
There are a finite amount of ores, so recycling means that already processed ores can
be reused.


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