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1."People are not free to make moral decisions"

Determinism: people are not free to make moral decisions due to
Others argue that autonomy is necessary for morality

Paragraph 1: Introducing Hard Determinism through Locke
Analogy of a locked room = not free to make moral decisions
E.g. walk…

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People are free to make moral decisions to some extent
We need autonomy to make moral decisions valuable
Need to be free so that we can improve our lives

2.`Everyone knows what `good' is' Discuss

Metaethics: branch of ethics that aims to determine the usefulness of
ethical language…

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We can't all know what good is as it is merely an expression of
A.J Ayer: Boo- Hurah e.g. when we say murder is good what we mean
is Hurrah to murder
Only synthetic and analytic can be proved or verified; ethical word
good does not fit into these…


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