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1."People are not free to make moral decisions"
Determinism: people are not free to make moral decisions due to
Others argue that autonomy is necessary for morality
Paragraph 1: Introducing Hard Determinism through Locke
Analogy of a locked room = not free to make moral decisions
E.g. walk down the street and see a beggar & no money in your
pocket= you will have your choices limited either way as if you
choose to give money you will be unable to and if you don't you will
never have has the opportunity to do the opposite
We are not always free to make moral decisions
Paragraph 2: critiquing Locke with Soft Determinism through Kant
In Locke's case there will always be the involvement of emotions
It is our emotions that are predestined BUT we must ignore them in
order to be moral
Only when we are autonomous are we moral
Can make moral decisions if we ignore emotions
Paragraph 3: critiquing soft determinism using behaviourism via Skinner
Our behaviour can be modified= not free to be moral
Skinner: reward and punishment influences our actions (conditioning)
E.g. give someone a paid holiday every time they tell the truth=
condition them to do this moral action
Paragraph 4: critiquing behaviourism using libertarianism via Heisenberg
Even laws of science are not definite, thus neither are our actions
In holiday case person may learn that it is moral to tell the truth
without this reward= we are free to be moral
Paragraph 5: critiquing libertarianism using predestination via Calvin
Humans have sinned and it is only God who can choose who will be
saved or not
Therefore, only be moral if God allows you to
God has already decided our moral decisions
Paragraph 6 : criquing predestination using libertarianism via Satre
Humans are condemned to be free as this make us moral
Not free= we have mauvais fois
Free to make moral decisions as it makes life meaningful & is our goal
Paragraph 7 : continuation of libertarianism arguement via Inwagen
Free to make moral decisions
Road analogy: road trip enables us to choose which road we go down,
each road represents a choice= free
E.g. if we were poor we could choose to beg/steal

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People are free to make moral decisions to some extent
We need autonomy to make moral decisions valuable
Need to be free so that we can improve our lives
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