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a) Explain, with examples, the use of language in metaethics

Metaethics is the use and function of language when one comes to making moral
decisions. It holds that before anyone can establish what is good or bad moral
behaviour we need to establish if we can define the words. The…

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one's own way of thinking. Hare maintained that reason has a role to play in moral

Intuitionism claims that ethical statements can't be derived from empirical sense
experience. In other words a person need not use scientific observation or logical
analysis to identify what is good. Instead, (the intuitionist…

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statement. This theory holds that to say a moral action is "good" or "bad" is simply giving
one's opinion about that action and is not a meaningful ethical statement. So according
to the "hurrah/boo theory" to say "charity is good" is like saying "hurrah" to that charity
and to say…


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