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Memory ­ An Overview
Key Characteristics of Memory:
Capacity ­ The amount of storage space that is available. The different types of memory have different storage capacities and this is usually measured
by the number of items that can be stored at any one time.
Duration ­ How long the…

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recall the trigram. They found that after a 3-second interval, 80% of trigrams were correctly recalled, after 9 seconds, 30% of trigrams were correctly
recalled and this dropped to 10% after an 18 second interval. They concluded that 30 seconds was the maximum duration of the STM.
Conrad (1964)

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that STM and LTM are located in different parts of the brain, supporting the information that is not rehearsed, which suggests that the model is not
idea of separate memory stores. accurate.
The MSM focuses on just the structure of memory. The model suggests that
the structure consists of three…

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There is evidence from case studies to support the WMM. KF's memory was The WMM has been criticised because it offers an incomplete theory of
affected after his brain was damaged in a motorcycle accident. KF's memory. The model outlines the processes that occur in STM but doesn't
impairment was…

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Bystander testimonies from witnesses of a real-life gun fight were compared with interviews that took place four to five months later. Recall was found
to be impressive but those who reported being the most distressed were the most accurate, perhaps because they were motivated to recall the events
accurately to…

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The Cognitive Interview
The four stages of the Cognitive Interview Schedule (CIS) were designed by Gieselman et al (1985) to enhance both the quantity and quality of the
information produced.
Recreating the context (context reinstatement) This involves recalling the context in which the incident occurred eg, weather, lighting, smells,

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In their study of divers, Godden and Baddeley demonstrated that cues in the learning environment can `jog' or `trigger' our memories. Their participants
were much better at recalling a list of words when they learned and recalled in the same place.
Sometimes we are unable to access information that has…


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