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Multi-Store Model. Supporting Evidence.
A structural model that suggests there are + Glanzer and Cunitz = asked participants to remember as many
three separate memory stores. objects as they could from a sequence of pictures that they
Sensory store, short term store and long term were shown. With…

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Participants were asked to count backwards to
prevent maintenance rehearsal.
After intervals of 3 seconds they were asked to
recall the trigrams.
Findings = after 3 secs; 80-90% recalled, after 6
secs; 50% recalled and after 18 secs; >10%

Miller ­ Capacity of Short Term Memory.
A meta-analysis.

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o SC = had generally good learning abilities but
couldn't learn word pairs presented out loud. This
suggests damage to the phonological loop.
o LH = after being involved in a road accident he
performed better on spatial tasks than visual
imagery ones. This suggests separate visual and
spatial systems.…

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3. Controlled condition ­ 12%
reported seeing broken glass.
Participants had reconstructed their memories
based on their expectations rather than the
factual truth.
Therefore, misleading post-event information
can change an individual's accuracy of recall.
Loftus and Palmer­ Effects of Leading Questions on + Ease of replication ­ the experiment was…

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The anxiety caused by the sight of the weapon participants need to be debriefed and offered counselling if
narrowed the individuals' focus and resulted in necessary.
less accurate recall when identifying the correct
Loftus and Burns­ Effects of Anxiety on EWT. + Control over extraneous variables ­ the study…

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differentiate between the science facts and
King and Yuille ­ Effects of Age on EWT. + Control over extraneous variables - the study took place in a
Carried out a lab experiment by asking lab where tight controls can be made so only the independent
participants to watch a…

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It is aimed at encouraging accurate and - The CI takes longer to complete than the traditional interview
thorough recall of specific events. technique. Kebbell and Wagstaff found many police officers
There are four key components: did not use the CI technique in less serious crimes as they did

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In Brazil the current model of police + Important implications ­ these results suggest that
questioning is interrogation and torture. techniques such as CI may set the way for a new approach to
Women were recruited from the cleaning staff interviewing in Brazil and other developing countries.
of a large…


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