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MEMORY…read more

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Overview of module
In this module you will learn about:
Models of memory: Multi Store and
Working Memory
Eye witness testimony, including factors
that affects the accuracy of testimony
and how to improve it
Strategies for improving memory…read more

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Skills you will need to develop
Understanding, evaluating and
applying the techniques used
in psychological research
Evaluating research studies in
terms of their strengths and
Applying theories to scenarios
from everyday life
Organising and processing large
amounts of information in
readiness for the exam…read more

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Introduction: What do we mean by
Memory is the process of retaining information
when that information is no longer present
Encoding, storage and retrieval
Think of memory as a bit like a filing cabinet.
You have put the document (a memory)
somewhere safe until you need it.…read more

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ENCODING ­ registering information and
creating a memory trace
STORAGE ­ the information is stored in
the brain
RETRIEVAL ­ recovering the information,
i.e. recalling or remembering it.…read more

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Some of you will have immediately pictured
a snowman (visual)
Some of you will have said the word
`snowman' to yourself (acoustic)
Some of you will have thought about a very
specific snowman, perhaps one you made as
a child (semantic)…read more

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