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Lesson 11.

The Cognitive Interview.

The cognitive interview technique has been devised by psychologists to improve accuracy of
the witnesses recall in real-life cases.
Designed to enhance retrieval, providing extra cues that might help to jog witnesses'

Process/ Structure.

Context reinstatement ­ Recall the scene, the weather, what you…

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strategies to deliberately limit an eyewitness report to the minimum amount of information
deemed necessary by the officer. Therefore, while the CI may produce a vast amount of
information, it may not always be practical or helpful in terms of allowing the police to
efficiently investigate incidents, especially those seen…

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Visual imagery mnemonics;

Method of loci; this is where you associate parts of the material to be remembered with
different paces, or points along a route. For example, a speech can be remembered by
identifying key parts & points with different rooms in a house, & by imagining yourself going…


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