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Memory ­ Key Studies…read more

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th se t
at h i
th s j
ey ok
st e t
ud o
ie rem
Ca em
pa be
ci r
Jacobs & Miller:
`Just think that Jacobs improved capacity so now we can have extra crackers
per pack, as for miller, he increased the capacity of his name by having two L's in
it!'…read more

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J 4 c 0 5 l 8 B 7
· Method:
· Participants were given a string of letters or digits and had to repeat them back in the
right order
· The number of digits and letters was increased until the participant got it wrong
· Results:
· Most participants could recall 9 digits and 7 letters. Capacity also increased with age
· Conclusion
· STM has a capacity of between 5-9 items
· STM increases with age
· It was easier to recall digits than letters.…read more

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Jacobs Y
· Strengths
· Heightened Capacity
· Controlled Conditions
· Limitations
· Lacks ecological validity
· Used meaningless information
· Harder to remember?…read more

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Miller 7 7
Reviewed research into the capacity of STM
77 7 Number
Found that people remember 7 + or ­ 2 pieces of information
Suggests that we should use chunking to combine larger numbers into more
meaningful units
If you use chunking you should be able to remember around 7 types of information…read more

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th se t
at hi
th s j
ey ok
st e t
ud o
ie rem
du em
ra be
tio r
Peterson & Peterson:
`they used their names twice to make it last longer'…read more

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