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Strategies for Memory
PSYA1 ­ Cognitive Psychology…read more

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Verbal Mnemonics
AO1 · Structured technique that's used to help people remember and recall
- Rhyme
- Acrostic
- Acronym
- Chunking…read more

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Verbal Mnemonics
AO1 Rhymes
-Groups of words with an identity and
-Word or sentences formed from the initial
rhythm of other words
Schachter et al. (2000)
Perceptual-representation system
Chunking Acrostic
-Dividing long strings of information into -Poem or sentence where the first letter in
memorable chunks each line or word forms the item to be
-Miller's Magic Number ­ 7+2 remember
To remember the 4 components of the
Conor Eats Very Poorly…read more

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Visual Mnemonic
AO1 · Loci Method
· Associating a piece of information you need to remember whilst
mentally going through a regular route and mentally walking through
· The more ridiculous it is, the stronger the recall…read more

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Visual Mnemonics
AO1· Notes of information in the form of branching patterns. Main topic in
the middle with each component radiating outwards.
· Doodles and colours help even more = elaborative rehearsal
· Each page of notes therefore has a unique distinctive visual
· Visual cues ­ Buzan (1999) ­ `mind mapping'…read more

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Visual Mnemonics
AO1 · Based on organisation and visual links
· Assign a rhyming word to each number (E.g 1= bun etc)
· By using these associated words, you can `peg' something you need
to remember to the word. You can visualise this (e.g if you need to
remember eggs, you can visualise eggs on a bun etc).…read more

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