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Dear Mr. Mitosis,

Kindly attend to your conjugal duties, sir. My sister has not been brought up to
expect the unkind neglect you have shown her. Halt your selfish, vain propagation, my sister wishes
to contribute something towards the next generation and if you feel she is unworthy of doing…

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Dear Mr. Meiosis,

I fail to see how I am old-fashioned, why several scientists have taken to cloning to
prevent extinction and to provide extra body parts. I also am familiar with the base and barbarian
custom of sexual reproduction to which you refer and would wish to point out…

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Dear Mr. Mitosis,

You may not make that disgusting suggestion, sir. I am deeply offended. Soon you
will be suggesting that I genetically engineer them! I assure you, that if I do decide to make a
designer baby, I will certainly not use your plasmids to do so!

Yours Sincerely,…


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