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Meetings in Lord of the Flies

Meeting Number: 1 (pg 22-23)
Where: The platform: `The last pair of bodies reached the platform...'
Time of day: Midday: `The bat was the child's shadow, shrunk by the vertical sun'
Purpose: To get everybody on the island together and to organise them

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Meeting Number: 2 (pg 42-49)
Where: The platform: `They moved down the scar towards the platform and the
meeting' (pg 41) `... the platform was crowded.'
Time of day: Afternoon: `The afternoon sun'
Purpose: To inform everyone that they are on an island ­ `We're on an island.
We've been…

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Meeting Number: 3 (pg 98-114)
Where: The platform:
Time of day: Late afternoon: `The sun in his eyes reminded him how time was passing.'
Purpose: To decide `what's what'. `There must be no mistake about this assembly,
no chasing imaginary'
What was discussed: the beast
What was decided: The beast…


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