Meetings in Lord of the Flies

A summary and notes on the meetings in Lord of the Flies

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Meetings in Lord of the Flies
Meeting Number: 1 (pg 22-23)
Where: The platform: `The last pair of bodies reached the platform...'
Time of day: Midday: `The bat was the child's shadow, shrunk by the vertical sun'
Purpose: To get everybody on the island together and to organise them
What was discussed: who everybody is ­ names
who will be leader ­
is it an island?
who will do which jobs
What was decided: Ralph would be leader ­ `Him with the shell'
Jack would be the leader of the choir ­ `the choir belongs to you
who would go and look around the island ­ Ralph, Jack and Simon who
had previously fainted
Who featured prominently?
Ralph ­ He was `the being that had blown the conch
Ralph became chief
Jack ­ he says they need him as chief; he is very arrogant and
Piggy ­ He knew how to call the other boys ­ `We can use the conch'
Roger ­ he suggested a vote to see who became chief = democratic as
apposed to dictatorial
How the meeting ended: Ralph, Jack and Simon left to discover the island
Significant description: `A storm of laughter arose'
` The circle of boys broke into applause'

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Meeting Number: 2 (pg 42-49)
Where: The platform: `They moved down the scar towards the platform and the
meeting' (pg 41) `... the platform was crowded.'
Time of day: Afternoon: `The afternoon sun'
Purpose: To inform everyone that they are on an island ­ `We're on an island.
We've been on the mountaintop and seen water all around. We saw no
houses, no smoke, no boats, no people. We're on an uninhabited island
with no other people on it.…read more

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Meeting Number: 3 (pg 98-114)
Where: The platform:
Time of day: Late afternoon: `The sun in his eyes reminded him how time was passing.'
Purpose: To decide `what's what'. `There must be no mistake about this assembly,
no chasing imaginary'
What was discussed: the beast
What was decided: The beast is a ghost ­ `Who thinks there may be a ghost?' ... `Made out
the hands.'
Who featured prominently?
Ralph ­ again he called the meeting.
Jack ­ `Puts forward a beast argument.…read more


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