Medicine Through Time - Key Individuals

List of key individuals and their achievements for all time periods

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Key Individuals
Medicine man/Shaman
Women cared for the majority of the sick
Belief in Gods
Ancient Egypt
Ruled by Pharoahs
Priests acted as doctors
Wetyws ­ bandagers in the mummification process
Sekhmet ­ goddess who caused and cured
Thoth ­ god who gave doctors the skill to cure
Tawaret ­ god who could ensure safe pregnancy
and childbirth
Ancient Greece
Asclepius ­ god of healing (Asclepions)
Panacea and Hygeia, Asclepius' daughters
Hippocrates, Father of Modern Medicine
Hagnodice dressed as a man to train as a doctor
Plato and Aristotle ­ decided body was worthless
after death

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Herophilus was given permission to dissect human
bodies in c.…read more

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Henri de Mondeville taught his students to clean
wounds and heal them quickly without forming pus
Andreas Vesalius disproved Galen's jawbone theory
and wrote a book `The Fabric of the Human Body'
Ambroise Paré once ran out of hot oil when
performing an operation (the normal way to heal
wounds) and instead made a digestive medicament
which worked better and was less painful.…read more

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Robert Koch found ways of identifying specific
bacteria and discovered which bacteria caused which
Florence Nightingale, improved hospitals in the
Crimean war and trained nurses
Mary Seacole set up a `British Hotel' and provided
hot meals, food supplies and medical help to
soldiers in the Crimean wae
Elizabeth Blackwell was the first woman to qualify
as a doctor
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson qualifies as the first
English female doctor
Leeuwenhoek made a microscope that magnified
Joseph Lister mad a microscope that magnified
Humphrey…read more

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Twentieth Century
Alexander Fleming ­ penicillin
Howard Florey and Ernest Chain led to the mass
production of penicillin
Paul Erhlich developed the first chemical cure for a
disease ­ Salvarsan 606
Crick and Watson discovered the structure of human
Wilhelm Röntgen discovered x-rays
Marie Curie researched x-rays, discovered radium
and used it for radiotherapy
Karl Landsteiner discovered blood groups
Christiaan Bernard carried out the world's first heart
Archibald McIndoe developed the use of skin grafts
William Beveridge wrote a report which led to…read more


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