Medicine Through Time Individuals.

OCR based Medicine Through Time Individuals from Ancient Greece to the discovery and development of penicillin.

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Individuals In Medicine Through Time (AQA)

Known as `The Father of Modern Medicine'.
Developed the theory of the four humours (black bile, yellow bile, blood & phlegm),
which he then linked to the seasons to explain illness.
Supported the idea of exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet ­…

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Discovered by chance a cold solution to seal war wounds. This was made of egg
whites, oil and turpentine, rather than cauterising the wound with boiling oil.
His ointment prevented inflammation and infection of healing wounds.
Invented ligatures.

Edward Jenner:
Developed the first vaccination (this was for smallpox) using a…

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majority of labour would be in better health. This initial expense of a health act would
be better in the long run for the economy of the country.
He made the connection in his report that disease was linked to the living conditions.
Appointed Sanitation Commissioner once the health act…


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