Medicine Through Time - Disease and Infection

Notes on disease and infection through time 

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Disease And
Supernatural remedies ­ charms, magic, chanting,
Medicine man
Herbal remedies
Thought illness was caused by Gods and evil spirits

Ancient Egypt
Channel Theory body is like river nile, if
channels get blocked then you become ill
Herbal remedies
Good diet prevents blockages in the channels…

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Ancient Greece
Asclepius god of healing ­ Asclepions where people
go to be cures
Four Humours theory body contains four
liquids & when ill they leak a liquid
o Yellow Bile (vomit)
o Blood
o Black Bile (poo)
o Phlegm
The ill person would then have to get rid of…

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Humours theory continued
Herbal remedies still used
Bezoar stone thought to be a `cure all' but proved
wrong by Paré

Industrial Revolution
Edward Jenner ­ vaccinations for smallpox
Spontaneous generation, bacteria is caused by the
decaying process. Disprove by Pasteur
1861 Germ Theory Louis Pasteur

Twentieth Century
Penicillin ­…


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