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History:- Medicine Through Time
Part 1: Medicine
Part 2: Public Health…read more

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Part 1: Medicine
These arrows will
show where a factor
is and what it is! Ancient:
Middle Ages:
FACTOR! Renaissance:
19th Century:
20th Century:…read more

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Individuals Galen
· Galen built on the theory of Hippocrates and
came up with the theory of opposites.
· He also dissected animals and came up with
the main anatomical ideas that continued for
a long time.
· As his ideas went along with those of the
church, they accepted his theories and
defended him to others who challenged his
ideas. Religion…read more

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In d iv i duals Hippocrates
· He expanded on the theory of the four
humours, which was initially devised by
· He also observed patients before diagnosing
them, which is where our idea of observations
has come from.
· Hippocrates also didn't believe in supernatural
cause or cure of disease.…read more

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Theory of the four humours
· The four humours consisted of blood, yellow bile, black
bile, and phlegm. Each of which were linked to a
season and an element.
Blood Yellow Bile Black Bile Phlegm
Air Fire Earth Water
Spring Summer Autumn Winter
· The theory was that an imbalance in one of these
humours caused disease.
· This is where the practise of bloodletting stemmed
from, because they believed they were getting rid of
unnecessary blood.…read more

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Understanding of disease
· There were natural and supernatural ideas about
the cause of disease, miasma, punishment from
god and astrology were all believed to cause
· The theory of the four humours was the main one,
this was linked with astrology though.
· Spirits and religion were also believed to be a
cause of disease. Reli
· Some people resulted in flagellation, taking herbal
remedies and creating spells in order to prevent
or cure disease.…read more

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