Medicine and Treatment 1350-1750

History, Medicine and Treatment 1350-1750 notes and diagram

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Medicine and Treatment 1350-1750

-Galen wrote many books on medicine.
-He wasn't allowed to perform dissection of humans so his work was animal based.
-He was a Greek who came up with the idea of the Four Humours (see diagram) and ideas of
anatomy and surgery.
-His ideas were…

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-Corpse dissection for teaching began in 1300 but this didn't always work as they would look for
what the book said, instead of looking for anything new or different.
-There were not many surgical instruments, and pain, bleeding and infection made surgery tricky.
-Attempts were made at antiseptics and anaesthetics,…

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-He was born in 1514.
-He was professor of surgery and anatomy in Padua.
-He was allowed to do dissections and proved Galen wrong (The heart has no septum, the liver has
no lobes, the jawbone is one big bone, the sternum has 3 parts, not 7).
-He did his…


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