Medical Ethics Revision Notes 1

Here are my medical ethics revision notes. I have made two different formats and another with colour and pictures.

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Medical Ethics Revision
Sanctity of life
o Life is special, sacred and precious. Life is a gift from God so humans should not interfere
with when life begins and ends.
o Christians believe that we were created in the image of God so we are sacred.
The Sovereignty Of God
o Christians believe that God is a king and has power over everyone.
o God is the ruler of his creation. God alone has the power over life and death.
Animal Testing
o Key Vocabulary:
Stewardship- a duty of care
Dominion- the right to control
Propaganda- using the media to get points across and persuade
Sanctity Of Life- life is special and a gift from God
o Some Christians believe that animal testing is wrong because they believe in stewardship
and sanctity of life, this means that they may feel animal testing is unethical and unmoral.
Other Christians feel that we have dominion over animals so we can carry out practical and
scientific experiments on animals. Animal testing can cause some problems such as drug
defects, animals do not react in the exact same way humans do to a drug. E.g. Thalidomide
was a drug that caused birth defects that were not found when tested on animals.
o Arguments For Animal Testing
We can benefit from testing on animals.
We are more powerful than animals and we can use them as we wish because
humans have dominion.
Animals are not as important as humans because they do not have sanctity of life.
o Arguments Against Animal Testing
Alternatives such as tissue culture are available, we should use them instead of
testing on animals.
The stress that animals endure can affect the experiments, making the results
Abuse towards animals happens within animal testing.
Animals suffer stress and pain whilst locked up and tested on.
Animal response to a drug can be different to a human response.
Animals have as much right to life as humans do.
o Denominations
These denominations accept animal testing but only to improve human and
animal quality of life, the welfare must be high if animal testing is to be used:
Church Of England
This denomination encourages animal testing as they feel that beneficial results
can be received from it:
o Quotes:
`God is our father and we are his family... Animals are part of God's family...'
Simon Phipps, former bishop of London.
Jesus said `Blessed are the meek'

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God said in Genesis `I will make humans have dominion over the fish in the sea,
the birds of the air, the cattle, and all the wild animals on the Earth. Humans will
spread over the Earth and subdue it.…read more

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If infertile it is God's will and we have to accept it.
If no children come then it is God's choice and God has another plan.
Children are God's gift not a right.
Infertility treatment is unnatural.
IVF is playing God (sovereign)
Spare embryos are destroyed so it is against sanctity of human life.
IVF is like adultery.
o For:
`Be fruitful' God want's couples to have children. Fulfils God's command to be
God gives doctors the skills to do the treatment.…read more

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Drink and drugs
Work pressure
o Christians may feel...
Suicide is wrong.
The body is a temple.
Life is a gift from God and should be valued, not wilfully destroyed.
Life should be treated with respect.
Suicidal people should get support and guidance.
o In the past people who committed suicide couldn't be buried in holy ground because it was
believed that the individual had not shown faith in God to care for them and help them.…read more



Thankyou so much for this x

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