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- Abortion
- Euthanasia
- Fertility treatment
- Animal Testing
- Cloning…read more

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This can be used to support many Christian
views especially Roman Catholics
- Life is special
- Life is precious
- Life is God-given
- Life is created in God's image
- Life should not be destroyed…read more

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They follow Natural Moral Law
- Continue the species
- Protect the innocent
- Protect self
- Live in society
If it is the natural thing to do, do it.…read more

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They follow Situation Ethics.
What is the `lesser of two evils' in the situation.
For example.
If a baby was dying due to not receiving
medicine it is the `lesser of two evils' to steal
the medication than to let the baby die.…read more

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- Is the deliberate termination of a pregnancy.
- Made legal in 1967
- 2 + Drs must agree
- Before 24 weeks
The mental/physical health of the women or
existing children will suffer if the pregnancy
If the child would be severely physically/mentally
handicapped.…read more

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