Medical conditions formed by an unblanced diet

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Greek for dry eyes.
The eye fails to produce tears.
It is caused by a deficiency of vitamin A.
The conjunctiva becomes dry, thick and wrinkled as it affects
the epithelium
If untreated can lead to corneal ulceration and ultimately in blindness.
It is a softening of bones in children caused by vitamin D
It can lead to fractures and deformity.
It can also be caused by calcium deficiency.
It was predominately found in young Indians who were kept
out of the sun.
Some signs and symptoms are: bone tenderness, dental
problems, bowed legs in children and hypocalcaemia.
It is a condition condition that occurs when there is a
reduced number of red blood cells or concentration of haemoglobin.
There are many different types of anaemia, the main ones are being B12 and Iron and
folic acid deficient.
Treatment is normally successful and the condition
usually never causes any complications.
Symptoms can include yellowing or whiteness of the
eyes, dizziness, looking pale, fainting and shortness of


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