media texts paper, commentary techniques

i have tried to analyse most of the techniques that they could throw at us during the media texts paper tomorrow. i know its a bit late

if i havent covered everything, sorry but didnt have time. hope this helps

good luck

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Media texts paper
Usually used to clarify the writing, eg diagrams, graphs, pictures to help
Used to draw the reader's attention to this particular article, this
includes cartoons, photographs. This makes it more interesting
To attract the readers attention to this article. Large and different texts
are often used to make it seem more interesting. The content is also
made to outline the focus of the article.
Interesting content like alliteration, puns and jokes are often used to
draw the readers attention to this page
To break up the text into manageable, interesting and digestible chunks.
If the reader only wants to read a particular point, they can locate this
point they can just look for the subtitle with the wanted point mentioned.
Draws attention of the reader to the main points of the article
Logos and slogans (usually in advertising)
Used to catch the eye of the reader, to make them remember to the
They are often simple and brightly coloured to ease recall, sometimes
they are funny too.
The same company always uses the same logo and slogan because this
gives their products a feeling of continuity
Particular colours are often used to create a mood. Eg warm colours like
orange, yellow and red could make an article seem calm and friendly.

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Certain colours and colour themes are often linked to specific age
groups, for example brightly (or neon) coloured articles like pink, blue,
green will attract teenage readers
Colours can often attract a certain gender. Blue for boys, pink for girls.
Font styles
Bold or italic are used to highlight particular phrases, such as
quotations or names.
Different font sizes and styles are used to make the piece more
interesting but can often make a piece look cluttered and hard to read.…read more

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A serious tone is used to describe a serious problem, but when a serious
tone isn't used appropriately it can make an article seem dull and overly
thought out
A casual tone is used to describe an unimportant issue, or sometimes to
make an article seem more approachable to a wider audience. However
used incorrectly and the article can seem offensive.…read more

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Style ­ how does it look on the page? What effect does it have on the articles
effectiveness? (images, diagrams, headings, subheadings and bullet points)
Tone ­ what tone is used? What effect does this have on the reader?…read more


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