Media summaries: summary of positive and negative effects of computers and video games

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Media revision
Media summaries: summary of positive and negative effects of computers and
video games
Positive effects
Green and Bavlier compared non video game players with video game players. Video
game players had better visual attention, spatial ability and processing speed.
Issues generalising results- all boys and type of computer game played
Correlational- cause/effect hard to establish (those who play video games may do
so as they have better cognitive abilities thus making them better at playing
games. 2nd study involved non video game players (boys and girls) to compare
Tetris with Medal of Honour. Medal of honour played showed improved visual
attention, spatial ability and processing speed after 10 days. Good sample only
looks at 1 game and its ST effects.
Graham 13 overweight 10 yr olds who played 10mins wii fit, 20 mins unstructured
activity and 10 mins wii sports. Wii fit had higher heart rate than unstructured
activity; therefore some exergames can promote fitness. Wii sports had lowest
heart rate so some exergames are worse than unstructured activity. Very small
sample different lengths of activities means comparisons are less valid.
Greitmeyer and Osswald played Lemmings, Lamers or tetris for 8 mins. Those who
played lemmings were 67% more likely to help the experimenter when she dropped
her pencils on the floor than those who played Lamers (28%). 2nd study involved
participants playing either tetris or city crisis (pro social). 56% of those who
played city crisis helped the experimenter when her angry ex boyfriend came into
the room shouting and trying to drag her off compared to 22% of those who
played tetris. range of games studied so results can be generalised only
looked at St effects all participants deceived
Gonzales and Hancock 3 conditions of either viewing facebook profile, looking in a
mirror or doing nothing. Found that viewing facebook profile boosts self esteem.
random allocation of participants prevented individual differences. results
could be due to no. of facebook friends and not the facebook page so the cause of
the boost in self esteem is unclear.
Negative effects
Anderson and Dill 210 psychology students played either Myst or Wolfenstein
after 15 mins told to give blast of white noise to another participant. Those
playing the aggressive game gave longer/louder blasts. This shows that violent
video games lead to increased aggression. due to controlled set up we can be
sure that the aggression was caused by the violent video games. useful

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Media revision
Graves 6 boys and 5 girls played computer games for 15mins each. Found wii
sports caused children to use more energy than a car racing game but wii sports
was worse than real sports and was not sufficient to contribute towards toe
recommended amount of physical activity for children. very small sample only
looked at wii sports, don't know effects of other games.…read more


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