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Psychology media revision

Media summaries- summary of influences of media on pro/anti social behaviour

Pro social behaviour

Social learning theory observation of role models leads to a mental representation
which is reinforced by vicarious reinforcement. When a child acts out that
behaviour it is modified by direct experience. Positive reinforcement…

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Psychology media revision

another study focusing on pro social messages from Power Rangers found
children under 8 couldn't identify them. this shows that PM may help children
learn pro social messages in the media.

General evaluation points

all explanations explain individual/cultural differences

all explanations are deterministic; whilst this ignores free…

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Psychology media revision

Murray compared MRI scans of 8 children who watched violent and non violent
TV programs. Found that amydala (area that regulates emotions, arousal and
attention) and areas responsible for storing episodic memories were active
suggesting aggressive acts viewed may be stored as aggressive scripts for later


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