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Media Theory

Hegemony Domination of the ruling class projecting their ideology upon the
proletariat so that it becomes the consensus view.
Xenophobia The hatred or fear of foreigners, strangers, politics or cultures.
Anchorage The juxtaposition of words to images or images to sound to create
Intertextuality The reference of…

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Hyper reality The simulation of something which never really existed. The inability to
distinguish between what is real and what is not. Sometimes described
as enhanced reality, some people can be more engaged with hyper
reality than the real world.
Verisimilitude The quality of realism in a media text; how…

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Open Narrative Open ended storylines, where the reading of the media text is usually
casual at the demand of the audience, seemingly never-ending e.g.
soaps seem as though they will go on forever.
Closed Narrative Tight reading of a media text, often within a time constraint and has a


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