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Media Psychology
By Tara Annison…read more

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Definition of media
· A way to communicate ideas and
messages to a large audience
· The term is also applied to the
· The main forms of media
include; television, newspaper,
radio and films…read more

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Topics to be
· Persuasion, attitude and change
· Media influences on social
· The psychology of celebrities…read more

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KEY TERMS Persuasion,
attitude and
Attitude: A predisposition to be a certain way to an object, person
or situation which involves thinking and feeling in a certain way.
· Persuasion: A deliberate attempt to change someone's view or
personal opinion
· Three Components: these relate to models which see attitudes as
having Feelings, beliefs and behaviours.
· Two Component Models: these view attitudes as a mental readiness
to act associated with evaluations
· Cognitive Misers: the idea that people take shortcuts when
processing information and jump to conclusions when processing
social information.
· Need for Cognition: Some people are
more driven to understand an
argument than others, Pat for…read more

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Everyday our attitude towards certain
objects and situations is effected and
people or companies try to change it. This
is called persuasion.
· Adverts are the most common way
companies try to change our attitude
towards a product.
· They try to create positive associations with
the product and a need-to-have attitude
towards it.
· Advertising is not always effective, there
are many reasons for this which are
evaluated using the Hovland-Yale model of…read more

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3 Component Model-
ABC…read more

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