Media Studies Terminology

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Media Key Terminology
Patriarchy ­ A society where men hold the dominant positions
Ideology ­ The values that and individual group/society believe to
be correct and true
Hegemony ­ The contemporary, dominant views/beliefs of a
certain group
Opulent ­ luxurious/ exciting
Brand ­ A franchise of products known worldwide that is well
Anthropomorphic ­ When animals have human qualities
High key/Low key lighting ­ Brightly/Dimly lit scene
Two shot ­ used to show relationship between two characters
Genre ­ A group of films with similar plots, themes, character
types, settings and filmic techniques.
Genre conventions ­ Typical features in a film which may tell
audience wat genre it is
High concept film - Film which follows the Hollywood stereotype
that often include A-list stars, special effects etc.
Spin offs ­ Other projects that have been develop off the back of a
Enigmas - The questions the text prompts us to ask ourselves (and
Minor enigmas ­ questions usually answered quickly
Major enigmas ­ Questions that are usually not answered until
near the end of the film/ at all
Diegetic ­ Music that is within the film world
Cine literacy ­ The language of film
Establishing shot ­ Shows you the setting of the film/ how much
time has passed
Legends ­ words that are shown on the screen to show things like
Orchestral Music ­ Loud music with lots of instruments

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Pathetic Fallacy ­ When the weather mirrors the mood of the
Contrapuntal sound ­ Sound which challenges your expectations
Intertextuality ­ When a media text refers to another text
Binary opposition ­ When 2 things Juxtapose each other greatly
Linear Narrative ­ A narrative which is straight forward and
Narrative ­ The art of storytelling
Zeitgeist ­ Spirit of the age/The normal view on a group of that
time period
Pleasures of the text ­ The many reasons we watch/ play/ listen/
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Interpellation ­ The process of alerting and preparing the audience
for the audio-visual experience to come…read more


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