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Media Key Terminology
Patriarchy ­ A society where men hold the dominant positions
Ideology ­ The values that and individual group/society believe to
be correct and true
Hegemony ­ The contemporary, dominant views/beliefs of a
certain group
Opulent ­ luxurious/ exciting
Brand ­ A franchise of products known worldwide that…

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Pathetic Fallacy ­ When the weather mirrors the mood of the
Contrapuntal sound ­ Sound which challenges your expectations
Intertextuality ­ When a media text refers to another text
Binary opposition ­ When 2 things Juxtapose each other greatly
Linear Narrative ­ A narrative which is straight forward and…

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includes the characteristics of the country that are clearly definable
to other nations
Interpellation ­ The process of alerting and preparing the audience
for the audio-visual experience to come


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