Mechanics Definitions

For all of you who are sitting this paper on january it's adviced you know those definitions by heart they are worth alot easy marks. I hope this will help.

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Acceleration The rate of change of velocity with
respect to time.
Velocity The rate of change of displacement with
respect to time
Displacement The distance travelled by an object in a
particular direction
Speed Distance travel by an object without a
given direction
Newton One newton is the force that will give a
mass of 1kg an acceleration of 1ms-2 in
the direction of the force
Weight Mass X velocity
Newton's first law An object will remain at rest or in a state
of uniform motion unless it's acted on by
an external force
Newton's second law F=ma The net force acting on object is directly
proportional to the momentum of that
Mass Is a measure of an objects inertia (mass
of an object increases as it approaches
the speed of light)
Vector Is a quantity that has direction and
Moment of a force Force X perpendicular distance of the
pivot from the line of action of the force
Principal of moment For any object that is in equilibrium the
sum of the clockwise moment about any
point provided by the force acting on the
object is equal to sum of the
anticlockwise moment about the same
Torque of a couple One of the forces X perpendicular
distance between the forces
For an object in equilibrium two (1) The resultant force on the object is
conditions must be met at the zero
same time (2) The resultant torque must be zero
Density = Mass/ volume
Pressure P=normal force/Cross sectional area

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Thinking distance Distance travelled by the car in the same
time the driver reacts to a particular
Braking distance The distance travelled by the car as the
brakes are applied and the car comes to a
Stopping distance Thinking distance + braking distance
Work done W = F x X= displacement in the
direction of force
Or W=Fxcos angle
A joule The work done or the energy transferred
when a force of one newton moves
distance of one meter in the direction of…read more

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