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Physics Paper 1 (Mechanics)

speed = distance

However, this formula only gives the average speed over time and does not take into account any times when a lower or higher speed. For this reason, motion is represented on a graph. They are represented as
displacement/time, velocity/times, acceleration/time where each…

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Newton's 3 laws of motion:
1. If a body has a number of forces F1, F2...Fn acting on it, it will remain in a state of constant motion only if F=0.
2. Acceleration is directly proportional to the objects mass and the force applied by the equation F = ma…

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useful energy output
Efficiency = Energy input x100

Power is a measure of the rate at which energy is transferred.

energy transferred
P ower = time

Because energy can also be determined as work, which is distance x force, the distance and time cancel to form:

P ower = force…


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