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3.1 Food
Meat & Fish ­ muscle structure,
conversion of muscle to meat,
comparison of composition of
meat and fish…read more

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· Proudlove P111-121…read more

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Nutritional value
· Water - 2 thirds of lean meat is water.
· Protein - Main protein is Myosin. All proteins are of High
Biological Value (H.B.V.)
· Mineral Elements - Most important is Iron.
· Vitamins - Important source of B group vitamins - B1, B2
and B12.
· Fat - Varies according to age and type of animal and the cut
of meat.
· Carbohydrates - Not present except in Liver.
Task ­ find out about the nutritive value of meat ­ try BNF
Why is meat known as a `superfood'?…read more

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Muscle structure
· Flesh of animals used as food
· The flesh has a `grain' made up of muscle,
connective tissue & fat
· Offal also?? (what is this?)
· After death biochemical changes need to take place
before meat is the right colour and colour for cooking.
Find out and explain about the structure of meat.…read more

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Muscle Consists of long muscle fibres
parallel to each other-
structure 1 striated muscles
Held in bundles by
connective tissue, the
smaller the bundle the more
tender the meat.
Each muscle fibre surrounded
by a sheath, the sarcolemma
and within this the fibre is
divided into myofibrils
surrounded by fluid.
Myofibrils are made up of 2
proteins, myosin and actin.
These 2 proteins are
responsible for the contraction
of muscle after death known
as RIGOR MORTIS.…read more

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Muscle contraction
· Energy is required for muscles to
· ATP- adenosine triphoshate keeps the
2 proteins apart but once chemical
processes occur the proteins are
linked together and contraction occurs
Task - Find out about muscle
contraction and the part actin and
myosin have to play in more detail.…read more

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