Measures of a countrys economic development

A table showing examples of economic development (Like Gross domestic product) and wether it helps the countrys economy increase or decrease

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Name What it is A measure of As a country develops it gets
Gross domestic products The total value of goods and services Wealth Higher
a country produces in a year
(often given in US Dollars)
Gross National income The total value of goods and services Wealth Higher
people of that nationality produce in
a year i.e GDP + money from people
living abroad (often given in USD)
also called the gross national
GNI per hand This is GNI divided by the population Wealth Higher
of a country it's sometimes called the
GNI per capita.
Birth Rate The number of babies born per Womens' rights Lower
thousand of the population per year
Death Rate The number of deaths per thousand Health Lower
of the population per year.
Infant mortality rate The number of babies who die under Health Lower
1 year old per thousand babies born.
People per doctor The average number of people for Health Lower
each doctor
Literacy rate The percentage of adults who can Education Higher
read and write
Access to safe water The percentage of people who can Health Higher
get clean drinking water
Life expectancy The average age a person can expect Health Higher
to live to
Human Development index This is the number that's calculated Lots of things Higher
using life expectancy, literacy rate,

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